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About us

Chaur An Technology Co., LTD. was established in 1986, by Mr. HUANG,CHAO-SHENG to produce the automatic control system, automatic tool changer, and CNC bar feeder.

To react to the rapid demand in the market, we brought in the laser engraving and laser cutting machine in 1996. The materials that can be process by our laser machines include wood, acrylic, metal, aluminum, EVA, and nonwoven.

     In 1998, we involved in TFT-LCD business. Through building own polishing machine and building machine, we devoted to L.G.P laser cutting field as well.

     In order to provide our customers high-end products, we researched and developed diffuser plate cutting machine in 2003. Owing to the growing LCD TV business, we expanded our factory into 64000 square feet in 2005.

     Now, we provide customized products service by laser cutting, laser engraving, and cloud machine special formation by CNC machine.

Our Goal

To improve our equipment and innovate new products are both our top target. We want to provide all of our customers’ include:

High technology support

High-end quality products

Friendly service from our customer service

Quality guaranteed

It is the willingness of people to give of themselves over and above the demands of the job that distinguishes the great from the merely adequate.

– Peter F. Drucker, Management Expert

Positive intentions & In Search Of Excellence

As an employee from Chaur-An, we focus on doing our best to satisfy our customers. In order to react to the rapid demand in the market and increase customers’ reliability, we adapt ISO 9001-2008.